About Us
Started in 1977 by Mr. Shashi Gupta, Proprietor, as a Importer of Integrated Circuits it soon became the Pioneer of INTEL Chips and in 1982 sold its First Original IBM PC followed by the First Taiwan PC Clone thereafter in 1983. Well 186,286,386 and 486 followed right up its time. Also Pioneered the X25 Switch in 1985 so have a string of Firsts and have done Work for stalvarts like Motorola, Hewlette-Packard, Scientific Atlanta, Marconi, Olivetti, GN-Elmi, etc., many famous names.

ALSO Pioneered the Fax machine as the first in Bombay in 1986 , specially in OKI Fax , however Services and Repairs all brands of Fax machines. First to offer long range VHF Wireless Communication from Bombay to Goa for Fishing Trawlers . Walkie- talkie Handsets with Frequency Licence from Communications Ministry, Govt of India. Night Vision Binoculars -" See in Total Darkness" . We provide Wireless Communication Solutions for many different Applications like ATM,POS,SCADA(Remote Data Acquisition),Remote Control Systems (RTU’s,PLC's etc..) , c , Electronic Surveillance, Internet Remote Access, Point to Point Voice and Datalinks, Multiplexers etc...

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