Other Products
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FingerPrint and RFID Dual L300 Door Lock
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Wirelessly Connect Via Either Or WiFi-CDMA-GSM-PSTN or EtherNet using UNIX
E-Com MIC300 Triple Mobile Phone
UR Own Private MOBILE Phone Service with Wireless EPABX and Paging Intercom
Finger Print and RFID Dual L300 Door Lock
Its unique selling points as as follows:
  1. Aluminum alloy casing and handle
  2. Anviz optical sensor
  3. Infrared activation
  4. 50 fingerprints and 50 cards
  5. Identification method: FP, card, card+FP
  6. Music buzzer and LED indicator
  7. RF smart card key for emergency open
  8. User can change the direction of the handle
  9. Easy installation
  10. Mechanical key backup
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