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MIC 500 Series
Night SPY Night Vision Binoculars
ICE Window Tinting Films
Point to Point & Point to Multi Point Wireless Phone Links
Global Position System
FasTalk Head Phone
High NOISE Absorbent Electronic Ear Protector
GPS Vehicle Tracking System
Vehicle Access Via Wireless RF and Encoded CHIPS
Wireless CCTV Security Network Integration
Wireless Radio RFID Chip Based Access and Attendance Control System
WiFi and WiMax IP Wireless Radio Technology. One Solution
FingerPrint and RFID Dual L300 Door Lock
FasTalk BlueTooth Wireless HeadPhone
Mobile GSM Remote
Wirelessly Connect Via Either Or WiFi-CDMA-GSM-PSTN or EtherNet using UNIX
E-Com MIC300 Triple Mobile Phone
UR Own Private MOBILE Phone Service with Wireless EPABX and Paging Intercom
ICE Window Tinting Films
Get introduced to ICE, World's Finest Auotmotive High Performance Professional Grade Window Glass Laminated  Plastic  Films.
ICE Films is a high-performance solar control film is a high-performance solar control film that sharpens interior focus and repels heat, glare, and UV rays. It provides the best balance in properties between light transmission, heat rejection, and fade control. Product allows 73.2 % of light to pass through windows while rejecting 99 % of ultraviolet light and reducing heat by 94 % .

World’s First Patented Technology using a Clean Room 30 Million Dollar Expensive with Magnetron Metal Direct Sputtering Technique.

Optically Pure Biaxially Oriented Film manufactured to stringenent specificatopns and quality standards, impregnated by Patented process with Long Life Ultraviolet Absorbers which protects the Films Interiors by rejecting 99% of harmful UltaViolet Rays.

A Magnetron Metal Direct Sputtering Technique Coats Metal which rejects High-Heat . By "Sputtering" different Metals to our Films we create a Series of coloured metallized films. These Films offer High-Heat rejection properties without the highly reflective mirror look found in traditional metallized films .This also increases the visible light transmittance and reduces light reflectance. Hardness of Film is increased by Patented SR Scratch Resistance Coating and Mounting Adhesive.
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