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MIC 500 Series
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Mic 500 Series
Point to Point & Point to Multipoint

MIC digital radio links have been developed for wireless point to point and point to multipoint applications, operating full duplex, half duplex or simplex, up to 64 kbps.

As the MIC's are transparent to any user's data protocol, they can be used for many different applications, like ATM's and POS, remote data acquisition (SCADA), remote control systems (RTU's, PLC's, etc.), wireless alarms, electronic surveillance, Internet remote access, point to point voice and data links with multiplexers, etc.

The new MIC519 is a 19.2 Kbps synchronous and asynchronous digital radio. It features of continuous output power, for full duplex point to point applications. It handles internal, external and looped clock, and generally speaking, it is similar to its predecessor, the well known MIC500 .

The frequency coverage is 240-290, 335-346 and 390-512 MHz. If you have needs on some other frequency, please contact us.

Also, we have developed a smaller version of the point to multipoint MIC500 9.6 Kbps radio. It is the MIC500SL , a simplex (or half duplex) radio, suitable for budget multipoint systems, where low power is adequate.

Now, for the always increasing demand of higher data rates, we are proud to announce our MIC564 , a synchronous 64 Kbps digital radio. It features internal, external and looped clock and continuous power on the UHF band. It is ideal for point to point, full duplex applications. This radio has been priced very competitively, and unlike some other ones that turned up some time ago, it features good adjacent channel rejection, which means less interference and trouble free installations.

The MIC 564 is a cost effective solution for point to point wireless data communications. Transmission range is 50 Kilometers (30 miles), or more with the use of repeaters. Data transmission is transparent to the protocol used, making installation even simpler. As it operates in full duplex, data can be exchanged in both directions at the same time. Unlike microwave links, the MIC 564 operates on the UHF band, where transmissions are not affected by rain, hail or fog.

The technical manual comes along with complete information on applications, installation, programming, performance check, alignment, circuit diagrams, and troubleshooting procedures.

Typical applications range from standard point to point synchronous data links between computers, to the use of multiplexers to carry several voice and data channels simultaneously. Depending on the particular mux employed, up to 6 toll quality voice channels can share a single link.

Due to the availability of internal, external and looped clock, a repeater can be easily implemented connecting the RS232 interface of two units with a cross cable. In addition, all those multiplexers that require looped clock on one side of the link can be used without trouble.

More applications will be coming over, so as to assist our customers to find new ways of using our digital radios.
The MIC series of radios have several advantages over their analogue counterparts, due to the RS232 interface, digital modulation, and direct connection to digital equipment without the use of a modem. This means that you can improve reliability and minimise installation times, as no adjustments are needed.
MIC500DH/L: 9600 bps, synchronous/asynchronous, full duplex, point to point and point to multipoint.: 9600 bps, synchronous/asynchronous, full duplex, point to point and point to multipoint.
                              MIC500SL: 9600 bps, synchronous/asynchronous, simplex, point to multipoint.
                              MIC519L/H: 19200 bps, synchronous/asynchronous, full duplex, point to point.: 19200 bps,                               synchronous/asynchronous, full duplex, point to point.
                              MIC564L/H: 64 kbps, synchronous, full duplex, point to point.: 64 kbps, synchronous, full duplex, point to                               point.
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