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Fas Talk Head Phone
Detectives, military personnel and law enforcement officers will love this item. No-one can tell if you are using a radio. This item is also popular in Hotels, Sports Arenas and Casinos.

The special transducer (in the ear plug) is worn in the ear. You actually speak and listen through this transducer or through your ear. It enables you to talk and listen covertly without having to remove the radio from your belt and without putting something near your mouth to talk. Imagine during a covert operation, you have to continuously move your hands/arms up and down to place a mic (no matter how tiny) near your mouth! Your movements are attracting your target's attention!!! BE PENNY WISE POUND FOOLISH AND YOU RISK EXPOSING YOURSELF DURING CRITICAL / DANGEROUS AND COVERT OPERATIONS.

This is how it works.

When you hit the PTT button, the ear plug/transducer instantly becomes a microphone. The supersensitive transducer picks up the slightest vibrations inside your ear canal, amplifies and converts it into signals suitable for transmission by your radio. Surrounding noise outside the ear will hardly be transmitted, ensuring that your buddy hears you clearly and not your surroundings' noise.

When you release the PTT button (you can hide it under your sleeve all the time), the ear plug/transducer unit becomes an earphone or speaker, delivering crystal clear sound that only you can hear.

Another great advantage of this item is that it DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY BATTERY NOR INTERFACE BOX , which may get in the way. If you really want to be conspicuous at all time, this is it.

Or you can go in for the VOX Operated version in which your conversation will become totally "Hands Free " meaning wther you are Listening or Talking there are No Buttons to Press thus leaving both your Hands Free to do other essential work .
Brand New Professional FasTalk Ear-Vibration 2-in-1 Speaker/Mic for Kenwood

This new Ear-Vibration 2-in-1 Speaker/Mic is designed for professional use. The performance of this new model is greatly improved comparing to the ordinary Ear-vibration 2-in-1 Speaker/Mic.

Apart from being a headphone, the earpiece also translates the vibration of your earbone into an electric signal and transmits it through your transceiver to another two-way radio. With this 2-in-1 speaker/mic, you can get rid of a separate microphone.

The mechanism works as follows:

Mechanical vibration from earbone => electric signal => transmitted to radio transceiver
Since the speaker/mic is hidden in your ear canal, it is not sensitive to any background noise. This is exceptionally ideal for usage in high ambient environment such as driving, riding motorcycles and bicycles.

Without a separate microphone that could be easily detected by people around you, this is also ideal for surveillance purposes for Police and Security at Airports, casinos, crowd control at Conventions and concerts, and other working environment requiring discreet communications.

The sensitivity of the newly designed microphone is greatly improved to cover a much wider range of frequency. Graph 1 shows that an ordinary speaker/mic best performs in the range of 1400 to 1800Hz while the newly designed model shown in Graph 2 provides execellent performance in the range of 900 to 3900Hz. With a much more sensitive microphone, transmission becomes clearer and distortion is greatly reduced.
Graph 1
Graph 2
Here are other exceptional features of the Ear-Vibration Speaker/Mic:

-- High Elasticity Snug Fit Earpiece: The earpiece is designed in a way that fits your ear canal so that your voice could be transmitted via the vibration in earbone, and it has no more space for free falling. It is specially made of soft silicon rubber, so you would not feel tired even after wearing it for a long time. Made of high elasticity silicon, it fits more comfortably in your ear than ordinary earpiece.

-- Thumbnail Size PTT Switch: The back of the PTT attached with a velcro for attaching to your clothes. A velcro belt is provided in the package which could wrap the PTT around your finger for descreet communications.

The two pronged adapter/ male plug works with Kenwood Two-way radio.

  • Professional 2-in-1 Ear Vibration Speaker/Microphone in connection with a PTT switch and the plug to the two-way radio;
  • Compatible models.
  • Length of cable: 119 cm / 3'11" from plug to earphone; 116 cm / 3'10" from plug to PTT;
  • A metal clip enables you to secure the mic/speaker on clothes;
  • Weight: 32 g
              Techincal data of Microphone:
  • Type: piezoelectric accelerometer;
  • Work voltage: 2.5-10V DC;
  • Impedance: 4.7K Ohm
              Technical data of Speaker:
  • Power rating: Normal 20mW, Max 40 mW;
  • Resistance: 32 Ohm +/- 15% at 1KHz 60mW sine wave;
  • Sound pressure level: 107.3dB +/- 3dB at 1KHz 60mW with 142F coupler.
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