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Night SPY Night Vision Binoculars
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Point to Point & Point to Multi Point Wireless Phone Links
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FasTalk Head Phone
High NOISE Absorbent Electronic Ear Protector
GPS Vehicle Tracking System
Vehicle Access Via Wireless RF and Encoded CHIPS
Wireless CCTV Security Network Integration
Wireless Radio RFID Chip Based Access and Attendance Control System
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FingerPrint and RFID Dual L300 Door Lock
FasTalk BlueTooth Wireless HeadPhone
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Wirelessly Connect Via Either Or WiFi-CDMA-GSM-PSTN or EtherNet using UNIX
E-Com MIC300 Triple Mobile Phone
UR Own Private MOBILE Phone Service with Wireless EPABX and Paging Intercom
UR Own Private MOBILE Phone Service with Wireless EPABX and Paging Intercom

Go for Private Full Duplex Fully Compact and Portable Mobile Phone with Full EPABX and Paging Intercom Facilites.

All your DREAM Features are Available !!! What WORK you have to Do,

Do It Not Today but Right Now !

Launch Your Own MOBILE PHONE Service with Wireless EPABX and Paging Intercom, to Save Money and get Instant WiFi Communication Service
All-in-One design, to save the equipment purchasing cost.
Build-in Wi-Fi AP, Wi-Fi Client, IP Gateway, and VoIP, dedicated for Enterprise
Support both WDS and Universal Repeater, easy to connect the different wireless network together.
Security protect by Firewall and Denial of Service.
Voice packet (FXS) with higher priority than LAN ports.
Wireless ISP, easy set to connect to various ISP's wireless network.
Support diverse networking connection of ADSL Modem, Cable Modem, and Leased line.
Multiple VPN protocol pass-through, to integrate with existed VPN network.
Flexible Dial Plan for VoIP, PSTN, and Wireless call.
Wireless & WiFi VoIP:
Not only are people switching from standard landlines to Wireless telephony, WirelessFone(WiFi) technology is now offering an alternative to cell phones. Users can now purchase a phone that is similar to a cell phone, yet runs off of wireless WiFi. This can work near any WiFi hotspot and the possibilities behind this technology are growing rapidly.

Wireless/WiFi IP-PBX offers the convenient benefits of regular PHONES, yet it will afford users the mobility of a cordless phone.
How it Works
Wireless/WiFi IP-PBX works much like regular EPABX technology. Audio signals, when converted to packets of data, can be transmitted and received through the Wireless Network.

With WiFi MOBILE hardware and a WiFi-capable phone, however, have communication and can become mobile and wireless.
  • Support Hand-Over phone call over WDS Repeater.
  • Wi-Fi Phone talk to other phone
  • Moving from one repeater to another, without voice talking disconnection.
  • IP-PBX (for Small & Middle Enterprise and multi-branch)
  • Bundle with switch gateway to connect to existed analog phone.
Reach Staff Directly AnyWhere in the Building Complex or at Their Desks
  • Use wireless phones to improve the efficiency of your operation
  • Employees carrying the wireless office phone can be reached anywhere on site
  • At their desk, or in the Building Complex
  • Integrated phone system features crystal clear voice communications
  • Voicemails can be accessed from the warehouse floor
  • No need to return to desk to "get messages"
Reduce Paging, Improve Communications
  • Eliminate Paging & Walkie-Talkies to reach Staff
  • Wireless phones enable 2-way direct calls between employees, potentially anywhere in the facility
  • Improve communication efficiency
  • Portable phone for desk or Building Site
  • Single voicemail system
  • Reduced noise from paging
  • Reach employees directly through corporate directory
  • loaded in the phone
  • Wireless phone supports superior security so calls and network are protected
  • Secure call coverage even offsite
  • Staff can be reached even offsite if they are within a mobile Hotspot location
Additional Benefits
  • Improved efficiency
  • Single phone number to reach employees
  • Improved employee reachability "¡Knot at their desk right now¡K"
  • Increased speed of response
  • No missed pages or calls
  • No leaving warehouse floor to check voicemail
  • Reduced number of calls to reach employee
  • Eliminates noise & interruption of a paging environment
  • Integrated communications system
  • One voicemail system for messages
  • Leverages your IT network resources
  • Utilizes same network used for wireless data communications
  • No wiring restrictions
  • Corporate phone directory can be loaded directly on phone
Depending on your IP-PBX, these additional features may be supported:
  • Instant Messaging
  • Messaging between phones
  • Corporate messaging group ¡V specific to facility
  • Presence
  • Check status/change of status with other users
  • See staff network availability immediately
  • No calling multiple people to see who can be reached
  • Telephone conferencing
  • Use telephone conferencing wherever you may be onsite
  • Conference in key personnel for critical decisions
Network Requirements Are Basic Requirements:
  • WLAN (802.11b/g)
  • Wireless IP-P
Utilizes Leading Technology Platforms
  • SIP has emerged as the leading new voice technology
  • SIP is IP based and uses the IP infrastructure already in place for real-time communications
  • SIP architecture streamlines the deployment of converged applications
  • Foundation of many IP-Centrex carrier solutions
  • Wireless networks, including HotSpots, are being widely deployed
  • MIC Cable WirelessIP5000 phones leverages both technologies
The Real Requirements?
A wireless network with good coverage wherever employees would walk
The Real Surprise¡K
Reliable, full featured, standards based wireless phone at a very competitive price
Mayan Wireless phones don't "break the bank"!
Full Featured Wireless  Phone
  • Cellular phone look & feel
  • Engineered for high quality voice Tx/Rx
  • Great features
  • Corporate directories are PC-USB transferable
  • Signal strength, PING, AP locator
  • (Messaging, Presence)
  • Support Hot-Spots
  • Group configurable
Crystal Clear Voice Communications
  • superior voice algorithms for crystal clear voice communications over IEEE 802.11b/g wireless IP networks
  • Improve business communications by reaching your employees wherever they may be in or around your facility
  • Single phone supports all calls - at your desk or around your building site
Configuration Ease
  • Centralized downloads can be defined for an individual phone, a particular group of phones, or for the entire phone base
  • Speedy phone configuration and troubleshooting
Multiple Wireless Environments
  • Office and hot-spots wireless areas supported on each phone
  • Supports true roaming - even in mixed wireless equipment environments
  • Costs are kept down when adding MIC-300 phones since additional back-end gateways or telephony servers are not required
  • Standards based certified interoperability
Intuitive Interface
  • In-phone menus, a 300 entry phone book with PC USB backup support, a large LCD screen, and cell phone like navigation, provides for ease of use
  • All the conveniences of a digital phone
  • Proven reliability, flexibility and performance
  • Dependable communications save organizations time & money
Secure Wireless Voice
  • Wide range of security standards & protocol support
  • Simultaneous Trunk Links: 60 concurrent trunk calls
  • External TRUNK Link Via GSM or PSTN
  • Built-in SIP Proxy Server Following RFC-3261
  • Support password authentication using MD5 digest and RFC2833 for DTMF Relay
300 extensions registration.
  • 60 inbound/outbound concurrent calls
Configurable Call Routing (Dial Plan)
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Call Hunting - Round Robin
Call Detail Records Extensions Status Monitor
  • Register Status
  • Talking Status
Call hold / call waiting / 3 way conference
Forwarding - unconditional / unavailable / busy for Each Extension
Group based call pick-up
Call parking
IVR/Auto Attendant
  • Configurable IVR prompts (Optional)
  • Configurable IVR Menu
  • Customized Greeting
  • Music on Hold
Voice Mail
  • Mail Box Access Control (PIN)
  • Multi-lingual (Optional)
  • 2G bytes storage
  • Voice mail to e-mail
Enable enterprise customers to lower their investment costs related to PBX equipments and phone services at their remote branches.
  • Enhance the phone services to remote employees by providing them direct connectivity to the Headquarters?? PBX.
  • Improve the level of service (e.g., subscriber features) to enterprise customers.
  • Provide customers with a simple entry-level application and the confidence to gradually migrate to the new VoIP technology.
  • Implementation can start with a small investment to reduce the risks.
  • Simple to install and configure: One-to-one routing Internal Routing Define POTS services to remote user. (in PBX)
VoIP technology enables enterprise to install the voice application server over the (data) network to serve all the distributed sites in the enterprise that have some sort of connection to the enterprise's IP network. Supporting all enterprise branches with just one system ensures that all the above issues are solved.
Multi Office
The reduction/elimination of telephone fee can have an enormous benefit for the corporation.
Mayan MOBILE VoIP Gateway and GateKeeper provide the "multi-branch" office solution for middle or small enterprise spread in many different locations.
In the VoIP network, companies can reduce or eliminate the cost of inter-office communication costs.
Chain Store
To cut down on phone bills and make phone system management easier, the Mayan MOBILE VoIP system can link stores and their call centers, online site, or headquarters via VoIP and still provide CO lines at every location to maintain contact with non-VoIP users.
Call Center
An increasing number of enterprises are turning to MOBILE VoIP call centers as a cost-effective solution for delivering the kind of customer experience that strengthens relationships.
Banking Solution
Banks or other financial companies can save long-distance phone cost by implementing MOBILE IP-PBX using VoIP.
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