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Mobile GSM Remote
Forget the conventional Remote controls, Keypads and Intercoms as you can now control your gates and garage doors from your existing Mobile Phone using the new Mobile GSM Remote system.

Just speed dial a secure number from your Mobile or land-line and the Mobile GSM Remote system will read your number as authorised, open the gate and without any call cost.

Is that not easier then carrying around separate remote controls or getting in and out of vehicles in the rain to use keypads and intercoms. Virtually everybody now carries a Mobile Phone.
Can be installed into any new or existing gate or garage door system!
Tried tested and proven in 1000s of installations worldwide!
Simple to use, programme and operate!
Secure caller id technology installed!
Works from anywhere in the world!
MOBILE GSM REMOTE interfaces with existing access systems to provide phone controlled operation. When you call MOBILE GSM REMOTE the system checks your phone's number and if your number is registered, MOBILE GSM REMOTE will allow access. Phone numbers can be entered and removed using simple and secure SMS Text setup. You can include family and relatives, employees and delivery people; With MOBILE GSM REMOTE, there is no need to leave your car in bad weather or travel to facilitate an urgent delivery.

Custom Design and Embedded Solutions

ShashiSuperTech would be delighted to quote for custom build kits. Whatever the application we can provide customer specific versions of MOBILE GSM REMOTE. If you're interested in adding phone control to your product or service, email or call us.
MOBILE GSM REMOTE Ver.I Control And Alarm System
MOBILE GSM REMOTE Ver.I Control And Alarm System allows you to use your mobile phone to monitor and control your business from any location. Its alarm facilities provide a flexible way to distribute critical alarm information to any number of mobile phone users.

MOBILE GSM REMOTE Ver.I can monitor 8 digital switch inputs. A SMS alarm message can be sent when inputs exceed preset limits. The user can also interrogate the inputs through SMS messaging. The MOBILE GSM REMOTE Ver.I Series also has 8 relay outputs which can be activated via SMS and used to switch lamps, pumps, heaters etc. The MOBILE GSM REMOTE Ver.I is complete with an LCD display, back up battery and built-in Quad-Band Modem
MOBILE GSM REMOTE Ver.II Control And Alarm System with Wireless InterCom
MOBILE GSM REMOTE Ver.II is part of the gate automation systems allow you to open your gate with your mobile phone without any cost

This system allows up to 500 registered users to open any garage door / gate with their cellular phone or landline phone with no cost of a call to the user - Absolutely Free of Charge!

Simply dial the mobile phone number in the MOBILE GSM REMOTE Ver.II for your gate from any phone or mobile-phone and the gate will open without any cost of a call to you.

The MOBILE GSM REMOTE Ver.II has a wireless intercom in front of your gate that includes a speaker, microphone and a "Call" push button. When the "Call" push button is pressed by visitor (at the gate), the system will call the owner's phone number automatically allowing him to speak with the visitor. The owner can open the gate and let the visitor in by pressing the passwords on his cellular phone
REMOTE : Phone-Controlled
  • Electric Gates & Barriers
  • Garage & Security Doors
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Flood Lighting
  • Remote Re-boot
  • Main - Standby Switching
  • Asset Monitoring & Tracking
  • Alarm Monitoring & Control
  • Information Displays
  • Self Storage Access
  • Parking Space Access
  • Property Key-Management
  • Hire Management
  • Custom Design Service
Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Low Cost Remote Monitoring & Control
  • Four Inputs / Two Outputs
  • Fully Programmable I/O
  • SMS & Caller ID Control
  • Worldwide Operations
  • Easy-Install and Setup
The MOBILE GSM REMOTE is a low-cost and simple to use remote monitoring and control system. The MOBILE GSM REMOTE power supply incorporates ultra efficient power regulation and management. Primarily developed for smart homes, the MOBILE GSM REMOTE has many other applications. The MOBILE GSM REMOTE is built on ShashiSuperTech's versatile GSM remote control and messaging platform.

MOBILE GSM REMOTE easy-text SMS commands allow intuitive user interaction, remote configuration and management. Utilising caller ID technology for secure remote control, the MOBILE GSM REMOTE is highly configurable and is ready to operate straight from the box, simply requiring a SIM card and power supply. The MOBILE GSM REMOTE has all the basic functionality of the G2 but it also includes four opto-isolated inputs. These inputs can be set up independently with different alarm and reset messages, repeat rates, call-lists (up to 8 numbers in each) and debounce values. When an input changes state (e.g. input 2, configured as normally open, closes) your message is sent as an SMS to every phone number in that input's call list. The applications for Neo really are endless because you decide the messages that are sent. Up to two independently controlled relays provide call or SMS controlled switching. The inputs are easily hardwired for automatic status feedback. A larger restricted access database as standard makes the MOBILE GSM REMOTE more attractive for commercial and industrial applications.

Need a customised solution?
ShashiSuperTech can customise MOBILE GSM REMOTE to your specific requirement. Our expertise in volume production, enclosure design and assembly kitting can benefit both product and system manufacturers. By including phone control as an option,, can add value and a competeive element
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